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What’s your business’s motivation for implementing cloud collaboration solutions? The ones we hear most frequently are increased productivity, accelerated decision-making and improved sales. But here’s the surprise: According to the 2016 Connected Enterprise Report, one in four IT groups aren’t measuring cloud collaboration results by whether business goals were achieved.

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OPSWAT, Inc., the leading provider of cyber security tools that keep critical infrastructure, government, and enterprise customers safe from malware, today announced that it has entered into a channel partnership with QBS Distribution.


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Written by Razvan Muresan

Being normal may not seem like much fun; I wore a “Why Be Normal?” button with pride throughout college. And I did it out of choice rather than as a piece of required flair.

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Bluebeam Logo

Written by Mike Landers

The release of the Microsoft Surface Studio and the Microsoft Surface Dial marks the culmination of a collaboration between technology giant Microsoft and Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) solutions leader Bluebeam, Inc. Called on by Microsoft to develop new solutions based on the Microsoft Surface Studio platform, Bluebeam development specialists began working to highlight the strengths of the new hardware and combine them with the efficiency of Bluebeam software within the AEC project-based marketplace.