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In my previous post I gave you a general idea about this product. Let’s go ahead and join the revolution. Let’s try the product which is currently in the beta stage. For more information on, or to buy this product please visit: Let’s go ahead and click on the button called join the beta. Then you will be required to make your first decision: This tutorial is intended for all those small businesses so please c... [More]
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Recently I had a look at the beta release of Microsoft Office 365, the latest edition of Microsoft’s productivity suite available in the cloud. Cloud has become such a buzz word that most of my readers may possibly have some form of allergic reaction. You shouldn’t. It really makes sense. For years now IT for many companies has become a form of an investment. If you want a mail server you had to go and buy your tin, then you need to go and buy an OS which will sit on top of your shi... [More]
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In the previous post I showed you how to install Windows Live Writer. Now it’s time to explore how it can make writing posts easier. The feature which will be greatly appreciated by all those bloggers who are already happy with the appearance of their blogs, is the update theme function. It allows you to download an existing blog theme from the web server and will save you considerable amount of time on configuring your fonts, backgrounds and all the other features. This will help to unif... [More]
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See below some tips and suggestions how to backup your photos send us by our frends at Novastor: We all know it can be a bit overwhelming finding the pictures worth keeping on your digital camera. If you take holiday pictures like I do, you probably have over 300+ snap shots to go through. This year was our baby’s first Christmas, so the holiday pictures are priceless, and making sure I have them backed up and safely secured is important. With my years of experience working wi... [More]