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Written by Colin Miller from ABBYY

We are drowning in a sea of paperwork. And ironically, the move to digitisation is only going to make this worse – unless we have a smarter way to manage our documents and information. ABBYY’s powerful line of software products like FineReader and PDF Transformer+ can help you achieve this. [More]

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Written by Bluebeam

In 2010, Grant Thornton LLP adopted Tax Symphony Technology, an initiative that not only standardised the firm's client service delivery methodology throughout their tax practice, but also reduced the firm's paper usage by 40% in just one year. [More]

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Written by GlobalScape. It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of file sharing for businesses in every industry. Without the ability to send and receive files easily and quickly, most firms simply will not be able to achieve their goals, as employees will be hampered by delays and a lack of access to critical resources. It is therefore critical for leaders to make a conscious decision to prioritise secure file sharing for their workers. The real question is how to go about re... [More]
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Written by Jess Knott from TechSmith So. You’ve got a Camtasia Relay server, and you’re just dying to use it but don’t know what to use it for? Yeah, me too. But then I installed TechSmith Fuse and my life took a significant turn for the better. Ok, maybe that’s a touch extreme. But, I can tell you from the perspective of a PhD student that Fuse has changed the way I collect interviews and observe my surroundings. Here, I’ll show you.What is TechSmith Fuse,... [More]