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Ensure that your company and your data are protected in the cloud.

Join PKWARE for a webinar on 21st July 2011 and learn the legal implications of taking flight to the cloud:
- Explore five key sections of cloud contracts
- Understand seven cloud computing security issues
- Recommendations for data protection in the cloud

Develop a flight plan to navigate the legalities cloud computing!

Clark Hill attorney Daniel T. Graham will address the exponential growth and potential risks associated with cloud computing contracts during his presentation.  The program designed for CFOs, CIOs and IT directors, will discuss how to effectively negotiate cloud contracts to address security, performance, audit, remediation, and mobility rights, while outlining strategies that will properly protect information and core processes.

Afterwards, Susan Zaney, SVP at PKWARE will explore options for securing your data in the cloud, while mitigating risks, reducing costs and gaining efficiencies.

Register for the webinar today!

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