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As an IT manager, one of your top priorities is taking care of the availability, performance and security of your company's IT infrastructure. But wireless issues like BYOD, rogue devices, AP over-subscription and bandwidth policy abuse can make that more complicated.

WhatsUp Gold delivers comprehensive management for your Cisco and Aruba controller-based wireless networks and provides:

  • Automatic Layer 2 maps to visualise your wireless network
  • Customise dashboards to create a single powerful view to visualise your entire wireless network – Layer 2 maps, AP performance metrics, wireless clients connections, bandwidth consumption, BYOD tracking, rogue devices and flow monitoring
  • Historical reports to validate network designs and formulate effective BYOD and bandwidth usage policies and usage tracking
  • Real-time alerts to address problems before they impact your wireless availability and performance

Don’t be the last to know about your wireless issues!

Download our pdf for more information on WhatsUp Gold

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