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Are you interrupting your job duties to read this? Or, more likely than not, are you taking a break between filling out last-minute March Madness brackets? understand the considerable amount of irony involved in taking time out of your workday to read an article about wasting time at work, but their annual Wasting Time at Work survey results are out and they're pretty interesting. Ever wonder exactly how much time the average American worker spends on non work-related items while on the clock? Are they checking Facebook? Tweeting? Doing some online shopping? And more importantly, why do they waste time at work?

There have been some interesting changes since last year’s survey. SpectorSoft’s analysis has discovered the following:

  • % of employees wasting time daily: 69% (up from 64%)
  • Men are wasting more time this year: 73% (up from 69%)
  • Women are as well: 66% (up from 62%)

With more than 1,000 people surveyed, take a break from whatever it is you're doing to see what they had to say.

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