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"Mobile banking will suffer from more [man-in-the-middle] attacks; basic two-step verification will no longer be sufficient." We expect more highly customised targeted attacks that use clickjacking and watering-hole tactics.


  • Mobile banking will suffer from more MitM attacks; basic two-step verification will no longer be sufficient.
  • Cybercriminals will increasingly use targeted-attack-type methodologies like open source research and highly customized spear phishing, along with multiple exploits.
  • In the context of targeted attacks, we will see more clickjacking and watering hole attacks, new exploits of choice, and attacks via mobile devices.
  • We will see one major data breach incident a month.
  • Attacks leveraging vulnerabilities in widely used but unsupported software like Java 6 and Windows XP will intensify.
  • The Deep Web will significantly challenge law enforcement, as the latter struggles to build capacity in order to address cybercrime on a large scale.
  • Public distrust will ensue, especially after the exposure of state-sponsored monitoring activities, resulting in a period of disparate efforts to restore privacy.
  • We will not yet see large-scale, widespread IoE threats. This requires a “killer app,” which may appear in the area of AR in the form of technology like heads-up displays.
Click here to read the full report by Trend Micro.

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