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 In General

Everyone requires training at some time in their career, no matter what the career. The need to train staff, new recruits or re-train existing members is an on-going process for most successful organisations. Training costs money and time. Repeated training costs more money and more time. People will learn at their own pace and some folk may even require repeated intensive retraining until they become efficient. We all know poorly trained staff will underperform and so your organisation will underperform and its reputation may suffer. It is natural for Trainers to lose enthusiasm the more often they repeat a course over and over again. The more familiar a trainer becomes with the subject, the more likely they may overlook training crucial facts they take for granted. At the pace of change today, it has become necessary to find solutions that speed up and facilitate some of the most time consuming activities like training. With Camtasia Studio, training can be carried out at the trainees own desk or home at a convenient time so they can learn as they go without the stress of learning with peers.

The Solution:

Camtasia Studio allows users to record all on-screen activity and apply narration and special effects to create high-impact videos. With Camtasia Studio, you can create interactive training and support videos that are on-demand for instant viewing. Screencasts are quick and easy to use, which can effectively produce videos that will help with training on new software, orienting new staff with company processes and procedures along with teaching them how to use internal systems. Moreover, videos can be produced to show customers how to use your product. Camtasia Studio allows users to record the whole or part of a screen and change the dimensions automatically, combine clips, remove mistakes and add audio, graphics and titles.

Some of the key features include:

  • Video Features: that combine digital video files with screen recordings and edit files into a screen video production

  • Streamlined Recorder: users can select an area to record using one button and crosshairs to select a region, object, window or the whole screen

  • ExpressShow: creates a Flash SWF file that can be embedded into a web site, blog or multi-media project

  • Editing: Preview edits and transitions in real-time, add calls out at any time in the production process by integrating Producer and Effects and narrate an entire timeline across multiple clips.

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