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See below some tips and suggestions how to backup your photos send us by our frends at Novastor:

We all know it can be a bit overwhelming finding the pictures worth keeping on your digital camera. If you take holiday pictures like I do, you probably have over 300+ snap shots to go through. This year was our baby’s first Christmas, so the holiday pictures are priceless, and making sure I have them backed up and safely secured is important.

With my years of experience working with data backup solutions, I know not to rely on just one backup for information that’s important to me. Now that the time’s come for me to save my precious holiday memories, I thought I’d share a “best practices” strategy that I use to save holiday photos and videos.

I will be using NovaStor’s NovaBACKUP Professional as my backup software. NovaBACKUP has many features that make it a solution that can be used by professionals and home users alike. In the steps below I’ll highlight just how easy and simple NovaBACKUP really is.


  • I remove the memory card from my camera and begin uploading pictures to my PC using a USB memory card reader. Once my new pictures are saved to a folder I’ve named All Holidays 2010, the next step is to make an exact copy of this folder to my backup hard drive using the NovaBACKUP copy feature. (Advanced view) Under the copy tab I check the folder I want to copy and click the “copy to” box and select my UBS HD to backup to. I like to do this first because I know I have an exact copy if my PC happens to crash while working on the pictures. NovaBACKUP has a few copying options making it more robust than a simple drag and drop copy.

  • Deciding which pictures are worth saving is the toughest part. This task normally takes time because my wife and I relive the moments as we decide which pictures and videos are keepers. Once chosen, I put all our favorites in a new folder named My Holidays 2010 and repeat the copy steps as before. The advantage of doing this is when we want to share our photos with friends and family, we can easily access this folder and photos using my laptop over the wireless network.

  • With my pictures in the right folders, I want to make sure that I add them to my daily backup jobs. This can easily be accomplished by selecting open backup job, backup, then click open my “daily backup”. Now I make sure I add My Holidays 2010 folder to this backup job and click save.

  • At this point I have my irreplaceable holiday pictures saved in two different locations (PC and backup hard drive). But since hard drives may fail at some point, the following step is a must. First I create a CD/DVD copy of the My Holidays 2010 folder using the same copy job I used earlier BUT I change the “copy to” location to my CD burner and click Run. Now I have a CD of my pictures which I store in my photo album for safe keeping.

To recap, I now have my baby’s first Christmas pictures safely stored in the following places:

  1. On my main PC
  2. On my backup hard drive (as a backup and a viewable folder)
  3. On a physical DVD

Our lives today are all saved at some level in digital format. Imagine losing your pictures from your child’s first Christmas, or worse, all your digital pictures. NOVABACKUP helps prevents this from ever happening. Following the steps I’ve outlined, I hope you can spend some time soon securing your families memories too.

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