Windows Live Writer 2011 Review (part 2/2)

 In General

In the previous post I showed you how to install Windows Live Writer. Now it’s time to explore how it can make writing posts easier.

The feature which will be greatly appreciated by all those bloggers who are already happy with the appearance of their blogs, is the update theme function. It allows you to download an existing blog theme from the web server and will save you considerable amount of time on configuring your fonts, backgrounds and all the other features. This will help to unify the way your posts appear.

Now you are ready to write your post. When you finish I am sure you will appreciate a spell checker. Checking your post will protect you from embarrassing spelling mistakes. 

Windows Live Writer will help you enrich your posts with additional media. You can insert hyperlinks, pictures (from your computer or web), photo albums, video (both from your local computer or web), maps (using Microsoft’s Bing maps) or an emoticon from the list provided. Also there is a tool that will help you quickly create a table if needed. Anyone who knows how painful a process it is to draw a table in pure HTML will appreciate that this functionality is there when you need it.

If you like writing HTML code, you can switch to source view to fine tune your post. Most of us will probably stay away from it and choose either preview (to see the end result) or edit view to work with.

When you finished working on your post all you have to do to make it “live” is to press publish. The software will keep a local copy of all the posts you are working on as well as the ones you finished.

As you can see it’s a very useful and easy to use piece of software. Microsoft avoided the common trap of overcomplicating the software, yet managed to include all of the important features of a blog package. 

Don’t forget about checking Windows Live Writer plug-ins. There are currently 176 plug-ins available. They will greatly extend its functionality and allow you to further customise it to your needs.

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