Office 365 – Let’s join the beta program

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In my previous post I gave you a general idea about this product. Let’s go ahead and join the revolution. Let’s try the product which is currently in the beta stage.

For more information on, or to buy this product please visit:


Let’s go ahead and click on the button called join the beta.

Then you will be required to make your first decision:


This tutorial is intended for all those small businesses so please choose Get started with Small Business.

Next you have to provide some basic information about yourself:


Please note that you will be able to import your own domain later and I will show you how it’s done in the later posts.

Once you choose your temporary domain ending with you will be presented with further options:


Once you finish click I accept and continue. Then you have to be prepared to wait a minute or two as the service needs to be created and configured for you.


Once all that is completed you are ready to go.

In the next post I will show you how you can set up your new mail service.


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