Why and How to Back Up to the Cloud?

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Protecting data by backing it up to cloud storage enables users to restore that data from wherever they are. Additionally, cloud storage is typically maintained by professional service providers, and thus, offers greater security and reliability than any local USB stick or other storage device. In order to protect data loss from fire, theft, or some other disaster, it is essential that data is not only backed up to an additional device, but also backed up to the cloud. However, integrating cloud backup into your standard backup procedures might require some additional admin effort and work.

To automate data protection in just a few clicks and to decrease the general work load, NovaStor has combined backup to local devices and backup to cloud storage in one application. All backup jobs defined for a local device can also be used for cloud backup. Local and cloud backups can be viewed and restored from the same view of the user interface. NovaBACKUP software supports all popular storage devices, together with seamless integration of Amazon S3 to ensure full on-site and off-site cloud data protection.

How Does It Work?

NovaStor’s entire line of NovaBACKUP software allows users to protect data on-site and also to the cloud. As mentioned above, the software’s user interface enables users to add their desired cloud storage device, simply with a few clicks. Once a cloud storage device is added, the software will guide users how to perform full and incremental backups to the cloud. NovaBACKUP supports seamless integration of Amazon S3, thus enabling users to profit from a free online storage account that also comes with free storage capacity up to 5GB. NovaBACKUP’s much-acclaimed user interface also guides users through all processes of data protection and retrieval. Even untrained users can easily backup, retrieve, and recover data that has been stored in the cloud.

Product Overview

NovaStor’s product line covers data protection software for workstations, servers, virtual environments and heterogeneous networks in small, medium and large environments. NovaBACKUP Protection Packs offer a central interface for remote management of distributed installations up to file level.

NovaStor also specializes in cloud backup platforms for the implementation of private or public cloud backup services offered by Managed Service Providers or for companies with distributed locations and/or a remote workforce.


Tatjana from NovaStor (2) This is a guest blog post written by Tatjana Dems, Marketing Communication Manager at NovaStor

After graduating from Hamburg University, Tatjana has spent over ten years in the software industry. Since joining NovaStor in 2003, Tatjana has specialized in data protection. Her core areas of expertise are data protection challenges and strategies for home users and companies of all sizes up to large-scale, global corporations and service providers. In line with NovaStor’s focus on the IT channel, Tatjana strives to incorporate an IT channel perspective in most of her considerations.

Tatjana’s book recommendation: Channel Revolution by NovaStor CEO Stefan Utzinger

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