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Software companies specialise. They don’t produce just any software. Companies start when someone sees a gap in the market, a need for a specific product, and moves to fill that gap. Typically, companies add products and services to their portfolio but they stay within the same niche. A data analysis company might work with the finance and retail industries, but their expertise is still in data analysis.

Recognising your speciality

Recognising your speciality is part of what makes a company successful. So when a software development team comes up with a grand idea, it is important that it keeps focused on the company’s core activity. Focus helps productivity and in today’s competitive market, productivity is vital.

It is tempting to develop all the tools you need in-house. It is exciting to learn new things and developers are curious and knowledge-hungry individuals. Unfortunately, straying too far from your core activity slows down development. That’s why it makes sense to use components to support your development. Components provide bits of functionality that you need, ensuring that you can focus on coding the business logic and algorithms that are specific to your business.

Where Aspose fits in

Aspose has been building components for file creation, manipulation and conversion for ten years this year. Our speciality is file formats. We develop components for .NET, Java, SharePoint, SSRS and JasperReports; components for working with Office files, PDFs, image files, barcodes and OCR. They all support our speciality: programming with file formats.

We have clients from a huge variety of industries and they all have one thing in common: file formats are not their speciality. They turn to us to save the time they would otherwise spend trying to build a custom solution that meets their needs. We get our customers going quickly and can honestly say that we save them weeks, if not months, of effort.

To stay focused ourselves, we reuse our own tools and use other companies’ components and software to improve our productivity. As much as we’d like to build everything we use in-house we know better than to allow that distraction.

5 things to consider when deciding whether to buy or build

  1. Has someone else already built the solution you need?
  2. Is the solution core to your business activity or industry?
  3. Does building the solution save time and money compared to buying it?
  4. Will building the solution give your developers skills they need and cannot get any other way?
  5. Will a solution you build be competitive enough to allow you to sell it and recoup your investment?

If the answer to all or several of the above questions is no, you’ll benefit from staying focused. Using existing components help you avoid distractions and achieve your goal.

This is guest blog post written by Simon Bell who is part of the Aspose Business Team. Aspose specialise in file formats and we develop components for .NET, Java, SharePoint, SSRS and JasperReports

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