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Developers have been encountering new obstacles regularly and steadily over the past couple of years. It seems that as soon as the developer world settles back down, a new challenge is being thrown in their direction.

The most obvious challenge for developers of late has been the shift from applications on a server or desktop to the more common platforms in today’s age including smartphones and tablet devices. Developers must now create applications that work across multiple platforms with a consistent business logic. They also need to create a connected experience that allows end users to move seamlessly between platforms and devices.

In turn, the introduction of applications marketplaces or “app stores” has become another feat to overcome for developers. App stores allow consumers to quickly and conveniently search and install an application. These stores provide significant opportunities for software developers to reach markets that had previously been difficult to penetrate.

So… in the ever changing App world, how can developers keep up? The answer is simple.

Visual Studio 2012.

Visual Studio 2012 is a comprehensive family of products for every organisation, team and individual developer that enables simple ideas to be turned into exceptional, exciting and extraordinary applications.

Want to know what to expect in Visual Studio 2012?

  • The interface has been revamped to remove significant clutter from the screen, while still providing fast access to frequently used features.
  • NET developers can use XAML, C#, and Visual Basic to build beautiful Metro-style applications.
  • Visual Studio now builds applications more quickly and includes new and enhanced tools that make debugging easier.
  • Visual Studio helps developers to create applications that span device boundaries.
  • Visual Studio supports developers by enabling them to create solutions that are highly scalable, supporting a range of models from durable full duplex synchronous services to high-throughput asynchronous services.
  • Developing a scalable solution is only half the challenge and you must also provide a suitable environment to act as a host. With Visual Studio you can develop for a range of infrastructure choices.

So, if you are already a full time developer or just a beginner your luck is about to begin. Sit tight, watch the space for the official launch notification and remember… the App world will be your oyster with Visual Studio 2012.

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