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 In General

Infragistics MobileAdvantage provides developers with a collection of controls and components for mobile applications that deliver fantastic experiences. The only suite of its kind, MobileAdvantage empowers mobile developers with three distinct toolsets in one complete package: NetAdvantage for jQuery, NetAdvantage for Windows Phone and the new NetAdvantage for iOS. Only Mobile Advantage gives you a full range of high performance mobile controls for the development of amazing consumer, line of business and data visualisation applications.

MobileAdvantage allows iOS developers to build high performance, highly visual iPad and iPhone applications using native Objective C controls. Designed to integrate natively in Xcode, NetAdvantage for iOS provides over 25 different chart types with customisation, legends, a data source helper, Infragistics’ ground-breaking Motion Framework and a highly flexible grid that can handle massive volumes of data, with support for styling, templating, sorting, grouping, filtering and more.

Windows Phone developers benefit from over 20 advanced, native, touch-friendly controls for consumer and enterprise apps, including 40+ chart types, masked editors, gauges, treemaps, bulletgraphs, barcodes, ratings, sliders and a full-featured high-performance list.

Mobile Web developers will love NetAdvantage for jQuery, taking HTML5 sites and applications to the next level with controls that are second to none in performance, speed and reliability. Designed on top of jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile, build truly cross-platform applications with charts, thematic maps, grids and 20 more controls.

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