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A feature on how flipped training content can improve staff/employee retention and efficiency.

What is ‘flipped’ training?

A ‘flipped’ training programme provides trainees with learning material in advance of a formal training session with the view that this allows them to review the content and gain an initial understanding as well as preparing questions prior to attending a formal session.

How does this differ from traditional training practices?

Having sent the learning material in advance, trainees, gain a basic understanding of the information which in turn allows for the formal training session to focus on the practical application of skills.  This increases engagement between trainer and trainee whilst also tailoring a training session to each individual. 

‘Flipped’ training also uses the medium of video which offers an effective method of capturing chunked content and displaying it in a manner which is easily understood. The recordings can be enhanced with web cam and audio. This recreates the ‘face to face’ concept.

Why use ‘flipped’ training?

1) Consistency of training is ensured

2) Training efficiency increased

3) ROI increased

4) Ability to provide chunked content improves retention and overall effectiveness

5) Time saving in terms of content development

How can ‘flipped’ training be introduced?

Use Camtasia Studio to record and edit high-quality screen videos to share on the web, CD and mobile devices. Create and share training video, technical support tutorials, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, sales demonstrations and screencasts. Record the whole or part of a screen and change the dimensions automatically, combine clips, remove mistakes and add audio, graphics and titles. Video can be produced in many formats including iPod videos, MP3s, Flash (SWF and FLV), AVI and WMV, QuickTime and RealMedia.

The ‘flipping’ approach is not a full replacement of formal training, rather an improved adaptation that helps overcome some potential limitations of the model.

Please click here for more information on Camtasia Studio.

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