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Even though sales of iPads and other mobile devices now outpace desktops, most IT departments are still not ready for a “mobile-first” world.

While they wait for IT to catch up, marketing, sales and business units often engage the services of “rouge IT” services that make money mining your company data. Fortunately there is a simple change any IT department can make to thwart many rouge IT initiatives and regain control over company data.
This change is to make sure all employees, contractors and business partners can securely access their data from anywhere, at any time, and by using the device of their choice.

Serv-U software may be known as a secure FTP solution, but for the past five years RhinoSoft has been developing optimised web interfaces for popular mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Android smartphone. These mobile interfaces allow far-flung end users to access the same files they would see on desktops or laptops back at the home office.

On the back end, Serv-U connects to existing files shares and storage devices such as the company NAS or SAN. Employee authentication can be handled through Active Directory for a near-SSO experience, and additional accounts can be created server-side for external partners.

IT administrators who carry an iPad enjoy the ability to reset passwords, monitor traffic and perform other tasks through Serv-U’s iPad management console and IT managers enjoy the ability to support an unlimited number of users for a surprisingly low price.

In summary, company data remains at risk as long as rouge IT is allowed to mine it, but affordable file access solutions like Serv-U provide an instant defense against rouge IT’s data leakage threat.

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