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Your business is continually changing and so is your data. Looking at your approach to IT and availability, there is a huge range of options available. Meeting business requirements around the appropriate level of availability depends on the systems that an individual company has, the industry that they work in and even across the data and applications that this organisation has in place.

What is important to understand is that availability is not an either/or proposition, and the challenge is to strike the right, cost-effective balance. This should be based on understanding how much downtime a business can withstand for its critical applications and data. This will affect your choices around the right technology approach for your organisation. This means getting the right balance in place between availability of services and the cost to protect them. Organisations are increasingly unwilling to shut their systems down for IT maintenance processes that may last for several hours or days. When it comes to peak business hours, losing even just an hour of data and application access is becoming unacceptable for more than the biggest of risks. Using a backup system when planned maintenance is required can therefore be a way to avoid costs being incurred by the business, and a justification to invest.

Find out how Vision Solutions can help solve these issues, keep your business productive, your reputation intact and not cost the earth.

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