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At its most basic level, business is defined as the exchange of goods and services. Business success is defined by the ability to exchange data and content—and today, that data and content is usually in an electronic file.

The secure, rapid movement of large files and the ever-growing volume of those files are business management challenges that demand a strategic solution with a focus on delivering not just files, but real business value. From the CEO to front line employees, how file transfers are accomplished, managed, monitored, and reported is critical to every aspect of business operations and extends beyond the company to reach and affect customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

It’s not unusual for a company to use a variety of formal and informal file-sharing methods. For example, you may find one employee sending an important work document to a colleague via email, and someone else nearby could be downloading a long, complex presentation to a USB stick to be sent via overnight delivery to a customer. Elsewhere, a graphics-intensive file that is too large for the company’s email system may be loaded onto a free file-sharing website for delivery to a key partner.

These disparate scenarios are typical. They frequently take place beyond the purview of managers, department heads, executives, and IT. They are fraught with significant operational, financial, and legal risks in addition to other potentially negative business consequences.

Strategic managed file transfer (MFT) software and services help connect the business “dots” between the various ad hoc and more systematic ways that files are moved. The right MFT solution, configured and deployed to meet unique business-specific needs, brings order, structure, and, importantly, visibility—which constitutes business management intelligence—to complex, large data and file transfer environments.
GlobalSCAPE is a trusted, global leader and innovator in MFT, focusing on delivering personalized, scalable solutions designed to meet each customer’s unique information exchange needs from initial contact through implementation and ongoing support.  From helping an independent graphic designer reliably send work samples to a customer, to enabling the U.S. Army to supply tens of thousands of combat troops in the field, GlobalSCAPE can provide any business – regardless of size or volume – with the freedom to exchange information online quickly, securely, and reliably.

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