It’s all about working and interacting securely…

 In General

Graham Holdsworth, Channel Sales Director at Axway comments;

“….which means being knowledgeable about today’s threats and proactively arming your organisation to conduct better business in an unsecured digital world”.

“Whether your weakest link is preventing data loss, Big Data, mobile computing, bring your own device (BYOD), cloud computing, visibility, or something else, you should always be mindful to securing your data in motion whilst enabling Secure Enterprise Collaboration. Because collaboration – both within an organisation and between a business and its partners – is simply essential for today’s enterprises.”

“Even though email is still the most common method of business collaboration, ever-increasing file sizes lead IT departments to set file attachment limits that force users to “go around IT” to get the job done, even inside the firewall – creating a sea of security issues in the bargain. Many business users are turning to consumer-grade cloud services, and their own personal devices, to share sensitive, private and/or regulated data within and beyond the corporate firewall – often without the awareness of the CIO/CISO. It’s a fact that many of these services lack even the most basic policy-based security controls necessary to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and protect enterprise data.”

Read our whitepaper ‘10 Best Practices in secure messaging’ to help assure compliance and protection of your data in a corporate user and customer friendly way or pop along to the QBS Data in Motion Seminar, 25th September, where I will be presenting this topic in more detail”.”

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