Double-Take Puts Your Data in Pole Position

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Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has had to retire four times in seven races due to problems with his car resulting in him not being able to fully compete with his competition.  Problems with keeping your data staying in motion can result in the difference between you and your competition winning business.  Double-Take Software by Vision Solutions can give your company the edge by enabling data and critical business systems to stay in motion and enable your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Think about what would happen to your business if your critical applications crashed, just like Lewis you wouldn’t be able to compete and ultimately this could drive your customers to the competition.

Double-Take can simply replicate all of your data and applications to a target environment, so if the wheels do fall off you can simply make a pit stop failover, rather than having to retire early, keeping your business on track and your data safe.

There are many factors every day that can affect your business staying available, please read the case study with Skoda to see how they overcame some key business challenges to their production cycle. Alternatively contact come and see Double-Take in action at the Data in Motion event at The Emirates in December.

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