It’s all about protecting your organisation with safe-for-work solutions

 In General

There are plenty of things that business users know are “not safe for work” (NSFW) such as bringing a sword to work or smashing an unruly printer with a sledgehammer. But sometimes employees unknowingly and unintentionally put themselves and their organisation in danger by using unsecured file sharing tools and accessing work-related communications from their own devices. They’re just doing their jobs, right?

Did you know?*

  • 80% of employees need to access work documents from outside the office
  • 74% of business professionals use tablet computers
  • 70% of organisations lack policies on using cloud-based file sharing services
  • 68% of employees use email as a primary means to share large files internally and externally

Securing the human element is key to protecting your organisation from; lost data, business disruption, brand damage, litigation and regulatory fines. The only way is to protect your business by analysing and appropriately handle every message and file that enters or exits your network, every single time.

Axway Secure Collaboration solutions allow you to control the sharing of files without requiring end users to change the way they work by providing a holistic approach to securing corporate data in motion and at rest. It offers one solution to meet multiple customer needs – secure email, encryption, file sharing and mobile access, all within a single vendor, single box solution.

Contact QBS for further information or pop along to the Data in Motion Seminar, 3rd December, where Axway will be presenting on this topic in more detail.

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