How Do You Choose The Right Network Monitoring Solution?

 In General

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To ensure smooth business procedures, all processes should run without complications, including the internal and external communication between various company locations, as well as with clients and partners.

Malfunctions and failures in operational processes easily result in loss of time, as well as financial loss. A network monitoring software which constantly monitors processes in the network, performs analysis and alerts IT personnel as soon as an error occurs or critical values are exceeded is highly recommended in order to keep track of the availability, performance and bandwidth usage in an IT network. Network monitoring enables the administrator to intervene quickly, even remotely, if he or she is not on location.

Of course, every company has different requirements for a network monitoring solution, and as the market offers numerous different tools and solutions, careful selection of a suitable solution is a must. This whitepaper shows the various options a network solution can offer, if the right criteria are considered in the decision making process.

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