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doctohelplogo There is often a lot of talk around crafting content. But what is often overlooked is the fact that you probably already have valuable information in Word documents sitting in network folders or SharePoint. This can be employee handbooks, IT instructions, procedures, or training materials.

Customers can’t access it and employees often don’t know where it is. It is effectively locked away and unfindable. This causes people to search, ask questions and basically waste time.

You can easily unlock that information by gathering those documents in Doc-To-Help and publishing them to the Web. Once it is on the Web, people can easily find and search it. It doesn’t sound like rocket science because it’s not. Doc-To-Help does all the work for you. In most cases, you only need to import the documents, select your output, and click “Build”. The time savings and increased customer satisfaction alone are worth it.

If you have this problem, we strongly suggest you take a look at Doc-To-Help. Let Doc-To-Help be your easy solution to a common problem.

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