Want to know the best strategy for managing personal devices?

 In General

A recent independent survey found that consumerisation of IT is key to enterprise productivity, flexibility and turnaround time.

But around half agreed that consumerisation increased security concerns and nearly half felt that managing consumer devices within the enterprise network is critical.

With global mobile workers set to exceed 1.2 billion by 2013, it’s clear that consumerisation is here to stay. The question is how to prepare for it.

In this briefing paper you’ll find a set of practical recommendations that can help you develop a strategy for managing consumerisation in a controlled, secure way. The recommendations include:

  • Remote encryption and wiping of corporate applications and data.
  • Virtualised desktops with data and assets behind the firewall.
  • PC on a stick that leaves no trace of data or applications when removed from a device.

Using these and six other recommendations in conjunction with a comprehensive endpoint security solution will enable you to support consumerisation, realise productivity benefits and reduce IT costs.

Download your copy of “How Can You Prepare for the Consumerisation of IT?” here

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