Avoid needlessly repeating mistakes: categorise and organise lessons learned with MindGenius

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Capturing lessons learned at the end of an iteration, release or project is a long standing project management best practice. This typically involves a facilitator helping the project team brainstorm relevant lessons learned. This can be captured on a flip chart or a whiteboard, however, many prefer to document lessons learned using a MindGenius mind map. By capturing the lessons learned in a mind map format, the facilitator can categorise and organise by type and resource. The facilitator can quickly communicate and share the results by distributing the map using several useful MindGenius views.

In the following tutorial, MindGenius shows you how to use the attached MindGenius template to facilitate a lessons learned session, identify the key lessons learned and categorise them into clear and actionable tasks for future follow up.

Click here to experience the full tutorial.    

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