Ipswitch: Network Mapping Finds Treasure and Makes Beantown CIO a Hero

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Written by Steven King from WhatsUp Gold

Everything was changing at once at a Boston corporate headquarters of a blue-chip company, an IT executive told us recently. He had just come on board as the CIO and his first major project would be to create and execute on the plan to move IT to a new location.

Worried about getting enough Layer 2 detail

As he surveyed the situation, he began to panic. Network mapping was a mess. The diagrams of the network from Visio and inventory spreadsheets were outdated. This left him not knowing what and where all of the pieces of the IT infrastructure lived, and how they were interconnected.  

He reached out to us and asked, “How do I know what’s connected so I can figure out what I’m going to hook up or swap out for new replacements when we move our corporate headquarters?”

The Ipswitch sales engineer recommended WhatsConnected network mapping software that automatically discovers, maps, inventories and documents Layer 2/3 network devices, servers, and workstations down to the component level. Not to mention virtual resources, software assets, and port-to-port connectivity.

Armed with the data he’d get from network mapping, he knew he could make upgrade decisions and complete the move on time while minimising the impact to the business.

While skeptical, the director took the plunge and had his team download the software.

Now he looks like a hero

When we followed up with him shortly after, his skepticism had been reversed. He had generated reports within minutes of installing and configuring the product which showed that he’d be able to use or repurpose about 65% of his IT inventory. That was a lot more than he had anticipated. He could now make the move to the new facility well within budget and look like a hero. The network mapping and discovery process also uncovered a “gift” – a SAN storage device worth about $60,000 that, while connected to the network and powered on, had never been placed in service.

That find alone paid for the director’s investment in WhatsConnected many times over. And it helped turn the director’s first major IT project at the company into a big win.

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