Paessler: Why Getting The Wallet Out Can Save Time And Money In The Long Run

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Why Getting The Wallet Out Can Save Time And Money In The Long Run

Inefficiency, diseconomy, wasted time and effort – even just reading these words gives most IT administrators a bad feeling: ‘We really should review our tools and procedures…’ Many companies waste a lot of time on essential IT processes, for example network monitoring. There are many roads that lead to network monitoring – from open source products to commercial solutions, to isolated applications from individual hardware manufacturers. Focusing too much on saving money at acquisition is often not worthwhile. On the contrary, cheap solutions often cost the IT department more time during installation, administration and troubleshooting.

Flawless operation of the entire IT infrastructure is imperative for seamless business processes, internal and external communication and usage of all IT systems. Outages in operative processes quickly manifest themselves in financial and temporal losses. A network monitoring solution counteracts this. It monitors the availability of systems, services, applications and bandwidth usage and informs the IT personnel promptly of serious issues. In short: the IT department’s daily business becomes more efficient and its workload is reduced significantly. The network administrators can focus their time and expertise on more important IT projects instead of worrying about the survival of a solution that should actually be contributing to the improvement of the infrastructure. The benefits of the valuable ‘resource’ – the IT administrator – increase.

That’s why responsible parties shouldn’t take decisions regarding the selection of a suitable tool lightly. Long-term profitableness is especially important here. Of course, the available budget plays a deciding role in the selection. When under pressure to keep costs low, most people choose the cheapest – or free – solutions. Even ‘homemade’ solutions, made up of various isolated applications, are not uncommon. At the moment of purchase, there must have been other reasons – besides the amount to be invested – for choosing product X. But could it maybe be time to rethink this decision?

Daily business can be stressful enough – why complicate matters more? When purchasing a network monitoring solution, the cheapest purchase price should not be the only deciding factor – important functions will fall by the wayside, the demand for internal programming effort will increase, and conscientious updates and professional support will be lacking. Comprehensive, high-quality products that come with manufacturer support are often not as expensive as one might think. Ideally, the provider even offers a test version for the user’s IT environment. In this way, the IT department can check the monitoring solution’s suitability on their own turf and try out available functions.

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