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Written by Jess Knott from TechSmith

So. You’ve got a Camtasia Relay server, and you’re just dying to use it but don’t know what to use it for? Yeah, me too. But then I installed TechSmith Fuse and my life took a significant turn for the better. Ok, maybe that’s a touch extreme. But, I can tell you from the perspective of a PhD student that Fuse has changed the way I collect interviews and observe my surroundings. Here, I’ll show you.

What is TechSmith Fuse, anyway?

Good question. TechSmith Fuse can be found on your Camtasia Relay website, installs on your iPhone or Android, and works with your Camtasia Relay server. As you can see below, I’ve entered my Camtasia Relay server address, my username and my password. I’ve selected Medium video quality, because I’ve found that to be the most versatile setting. I need quality video for most of my observation work, but not necessarily super high quality video. I find this setting gives me good results and a decent file size.

So, how do I use it?

Another good question! You get a gold star. It’s easy. Once you’ve logged in, all you really *have* to think about is that big red record button. Find the most observationable (is that a word?) subject you can, position the camera, and click the big red button.  I use a small tripod to keep my iPhone positioned where I want it, but you can hold it in your hands or prop it on the desk just as easily.

You can also upload files from your iPhone library, and your Relay server will process them as if they’d been recorded with Fuse. It’s slick for the times I’ve wanted to put all of my videos in one place, but didn’t want to mess with the encoding and uploading process. I’m a fan of simplicity.

Once you’ve stopped your recording, TechSmith Fuse gives you an upload progress bar. Really, that’s it. Once the upload is complete, your Relay server will take care of the rest. Check with your administrator to make sure they have e-mail notifications configured. I find it’s really nice that I truly don’t have to worry about anything until I get that e-mail.

What can I record with TechSmith Fuse?

Anything! For example:

  • Your desk.
  • Your window.
  • Virtual field trips
  • Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Conference sessions
  • Sports
  • Your pets
  • My pets
  • Pretty much anything

For interview data, I can’t beat Fuse (except maybe with Coach’s Eye, but I use them together and will tell you allllll about it in a future blog post!), and love the flexibility Camtasia Relay offers.


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