GlobalScape: High-End Email Solutions Necessary For Secure File Sharing

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It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of file sharing for businesses in every industry. Without the ability to send and receive files easily and quickly, most firms simply will not be able to achieve their goals, as employees will be hampered by delays and a lack of access to critical resources.

It is therefore critical for leaders to make a conscious decision to prioritise secure file sharing for their workers. The real question is how to go about reaching this state of affairs.

As a general rule, email is an excellent option in this regard. However, business leaders must be careful to pursue the right email solutions. Specifically, decision-makers should prioritise both security and convenience. Failure to do so may lead to employees using unsecured email or box file sharing programs, which can put the company at risk.

Email issues

Email is obviously convenient. It has become one of, if not the, leading communication channels for individuals in both their personal and professional lives.

But when it comes to the business world, there are two potential problems with email solutions, especially free offerings. First, these programs often lack robust security features. While this may not be a tremendous problem for a person’s private communication, it is unacceptable for businesses. After all, an organisation is far more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals eager to steal valuable, sensitive information. A free email program may make an obvious target for hackers.

Second, free, consumer-grade email and other file sharing options cannot necessarily handle large-volume file attachments. As a result, communication between personnel within the company may break down to some degree. Employees may wait for files that never arrive, or they may experience lag time that greatly undermines productivity.

Dedicated, secure solutions

Businesses can avoid these problems by investing in high-grade, dedicated, secure email programs. These offerings, designed specifically to meet businesses’ file sharing needs, can ensure that employee collaboration and communication are maximised within an organisation.

Security is critical in this regard. Business decision-makers must look for offerings that can guarantee that messages are fully protected at every stage, from sending to transit to reception. Any vulnerabilities can and will be leveraged by potential cybercriminals, so there must be absolutely no weaknesses in the program.

One way this can be achieved is with the use of a dedicated server through which every email and attachment must pass. Such a system ensures that potentially infected or otherwise dangerous attachments are vetted and approved before reaching the company network.

Furthermore, a dedicated secure file sharing solution such as this one will enable employees to send and receive as many files as they need, regardless of their size. Employees will never need to wait for slow messages, or be forced to send countless emails as a means of distributing a long series of file attachments.

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