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Written by Daniel Winter from QBS Software.

Delux Software

When translating from Visual Basic to Delphi, C# or VB.NET it can be a real annoyance to perform the translation line by line, and it gets even more painful when translating forms. This is where Delux Software’s handy little toolset can help.

There is a total of four unique translation tools, three to translate from Visual Basic to various other formats, and one to translate from Delphi to C#. These clever little tools can be made as powerful as you wish to make them, with the ability to constantly update the dictionaries you can grow your tool to be as competent as you need it.

The software is extremely versatile and powerful with the capability of not only translating old Basic dialects but also the newer object orientated Visual Basic code.

Of course the translation is not perfect it will need tweaking as with any translation tool, but when running hundreds of lines of code it is extremely useful to not have to translate line by line, and instead just ensure the newly created, translated code is correct.

Whilst going through the translated code it is always useful to add any noticeable mis-translations/errors to the dictionary to ensure competence next time around. It is this functionality that makes this such a powerful and useful tool that can save you a lot of time and effort.

These effective little tools come in a standard and a pro version, with the pro version offering more functionality, and they can be purchased from the QBS Software website, or trialled directly from the Delux Software Website:

I strongly suggest giving it a go via the trials and letting us know below in the comment section how you found it, and any suggestions you believe the software could benefit from.

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