Kerio: Hanging Out Has A New Meaning

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Written by Dusan Vitek from Kerio.

Delux Software

Never in a million years did Ed Lasher ever think he’d be tending to a network while hanging out in the crow’s nest of a super luxury sailing yacht — more than 175’ in the air!

Yet not long ago that’s precisely what he was doing. As a successful IT services consultant, Ed Lasher, the founder of Yacht Computing, caters to a very exclusive market — luxury yacht owners — who insist on always being connected to the Internet. Regardless of where they are in the world, weather conditions or how far out at sea they are.

Lasher relies on Kerio’s Control firewall to manage and prioritise network access and bandwidth for his clients, keeping the network shipshape and secure from any scallywags intent on misusing it. Add in Kerio’s durability and reliability in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable (picture 45 mph winds and 20’ waves), and you’ve got a few of the reasons why Ed is such a big Kerio fan.

You can read more about Ed’s experience in this Ars Technica article and also download the case study with all the nitty-gritty details.

And… don’t forget to batten down your hatches when you expect rough weather ahead!

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