GlobalScape: Dangerous File Sharing

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Written by GlobalScape.


The greatest threat to data security today is not targeted cyber attacks or fraudulent hackers – it’s the carelessness of corporate employees. In fact, according to a 2013 Ponemon Institute report, almost two-thirds of data breaches can be attributed to negligence, human error and system glitches.

While IT and security teams are fighting to slow this trend, doing so gets harder every year – mostly due to the dangerous information-sharing habits of corporate employees.

How big is this issue? Globalscape surveyed more than 500 corporate employees to see just how risky they are behaving – and the results aren’t pretty.

Download this report today to uncover:

  1. What unsanctioned tools your employees use to share sensitive company information
  2. The biggest security, compliance and governance threats facing IT today
  3. Why your IT policies and company tools are coming up short
  4. Steps to reign in the risky information-sharing practices of employee
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