Snagit: Delivering More Than You Thought Possible From Screen Capturing Software

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Written by Mark Douglas, QBS Software


Make no mistake about it – my day to day communication, internally and externally, has become a breeze with TechSmith’s Snagit, screen capturing software for professionals.

Working in a tight knit unit that demands high standards, Snagit has been essential in ensuring quality of work is maintained. When producing content for web, it is now possible for my colleagues in the proofing process to show me exactly what I had done well and what could be improved, using the clear and concise annotation tools Snagit provides. The finished annotation could then be saved in a central location for me to access or emailed directly to my inbox. This ensured no breakdown in communication when transmitting over ideas, which meant no time delays and clearly communicated feedback which enhanced the team’s productivity. If your team have content deadlines to meet, Snagit will go a long way to ensuring they’re not sweating over completion with 10 minutes of sand left in the egg timer.

One of my personal favourite features has been the variety of methods available when it comes to annotating the captured screenshot. Within a split-second of hitting ‘PrtScn’, I can implement arrows, highlight text and manipulate the image practically to my own will, all within just a few minutes. Plus, if I accidentally exit the program midway through making all of these annotations, Snagit automatically recovers the image with annotations all intact.

Snagit has provided me everything I needed from a screen capturing software and more – I am certain my team and I will be using it regularly for years to come.


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