Adobe Illustrator: Go From Design Zero To Artistic Hero

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Written by Mark Douglas, QBS Software


If you work within marketing like myself, Adobe Illustrator is a must in order to create enchanting online and print advertisement designs within tight time frames. Adobe Illustrator takes you from design zero to artistic hero – I can provide testament to that.

When I joined QBS Software last year, I had no prior experience of advertisement design. Although I had ideas over what I wanted to see appear on my computer screen, the idea of actually making that become a reality seemed like a pipe dream.

But then I was introduced to Adobe Illustrator – and for a design newbie, I understood how Aladdin must have felt when he discovered the genie in the lamp – suddenly anything seemed possible.

After just a few hours of helpful tutorial videos, I was actively using Adobe Illustrator and my artistic side was allowed to flourish. I was able to apply seemingly any type of effect, any colour scheme and any symbol to my art board, keeping everything in proportion using Illustrator’s helpful guidelines. I then had a choice of a range of formats I could save to (e.g. for web, PDF, SVG) allowing me to transfer the artwork to any application.

A year has passed and I’m still regularly using Adobe Illustrator in my day to day activities, whilst still discovering exciting new features such as the time saving symbol sprayer and the clipping mask feature which ensures any sized image can be incorporated onto the art board. The sheer scale of design features available ensure I will never outgrow the program – I know it will always provide me the tools I need to achieve the outcome I desire.

There have been revolutionaries in art before – da Vinci, Picasso and Monet to name but a few, but in the 21st Century Adobe Illustrator is the real game changer – it lets anyone become the artist.

Adobe Illustrator is available to purchase individually or as part of Creative Cloud for teams.

For more information on Adobe Illustrator, click here. For more information on Creative Cloud for teams, click here. Alternatively, call QBS Sales at 08456 580 580

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