Paessler: Maximising Network Performance, Minimising Wasted Staff Hours

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Written by Daniel Winter at QBS Software.


Here at QBS Software we have been using Paessler PRTG Network Monitor as our Network Monitoring software for a while now, and are very pleased with its performance. The software is not consuming too many resources of the server it is installed on and it’s not adding to the traffic on the network too much for us to notice any performance degradation. Despite not being so resource demanding it is still a very competent piece of software, giving all the functionality and reporting that a small to medium business such as ourselves could want and need.

Being able to monitor any device with an IP address on the company from one central location is an amazing time saver, and better still has helped us prevent or repair many issues before our end users are even aware of them. At present we are using PRTG Network Monitor to observe functionality on all of our servers, websites, phones, workstations and printers as well as our routers, internet connectivity, WiFi and more.

Despite this, many objects being monitored, with the layout of the central management console, you can immediately see any issues and drill straight down into them from the top of the home page, without the need to scroll through the page looking for anything that may be awry. It is also set up so that upon any issues arising an email is automatically sent out to us so that we do not need to be constantly watching the software.

One key feature of PRTG’s Network Monitoring is its ability to use Netflow monitoring. It lets you see which specific applications are being used and how the usage might affect your network. Adding great new functionality to be able to monitor bandwidth consumption of internal devices such as Cisco devices with NetFlow support. Even better is the fact that this ability to monitor using NetFlow is included with each and every licence type for PRTG.

If you have any questions about Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitoring software, or would like to further add to this post then please leave a comment at the bottom.

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