FastVue: Sophos Reporter Is Now Available

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Written by Scott Glew from FastVue.

Yes. Fastvue’s second product, Sophos Reporter is now available!

Since the first beta was released on the 25th of November 2013, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the Sophos UTM community, including end customers, partners, and internal Sophos representatives themselves.

It also has received praise from many of our TMG Reporter customers that have been looking for a feasible UTM and reporting alternative since Forefront TMG’s end of life was announced in September 2012.

Sophos UTM has emerged as a leading choice for Forefront TMG replacements, and now the decision is even easier as the familiar TMG Reporter interface is now available for Sophos UTM as well!

So… what exactly is Fastvue Sophos Reporter?

Put simply, it is Sophos UTM Reporting made awesome.

Fastvue Sophos Reporter focuses purely on the outgoing web activity of your organisation, and provides the information you need to answer questions about bandwidth, user productivity, and web based threats quickly and easily. It seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, allowing you to easily select users and departments to report on. It also categorises Sophos UTM’s URL filtering categories into Productive/Unproductive, Acceptable/Unacceptable, giving you full control over what Categories make up each productivity list.

The interactive live dashboards (using syslog traffic from Sophos UTM) are always ready to show you what is happening on the network right now, and its simple point and click reporting ability can take you on a enlightening journey of discovery.

Discover ‘allowed’ unproductive (or even malicious) sites, run reports on categories that you thought were being blocked, find sites being blocked that shouldn’t be, and uncover the Rules, Filter Actions and Proxy Profiles that are holding the site back.

Sharing reports with people in your organisation is a breeze, and as they not complicated with system-admin-level details such as CPU and disk utilisation and interface statistics, everyone can understand them. Not just the IT department.

You don’t even have to log into Fastvue Sophos Reporter to keep up with network issues. It will automatically email you alerts such as downloads greater than 50 MB, unacceptable browsing, and virus discoveries.

Sophos Reporter opens your eyes to your organisation’s web behavior like no other reporting solution can. But don’t take our word for it. To learn more about the product, please click here.

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