SpectorSoft: Hickman County Schools Credits Spector 360 With “Major Reduction of Bad Stuff Happening”

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Spector 360 monitoring software, from SpectorSoft Corporation, has been credited by Hickman County Schools for a drastic reduction in frivolous and inappropriate PC and Internet activity at the central Tennessee school.

“The simplest way to describe Spector 360’s impact is a major reduction of bad stuff happening,” said Robert Haviland, Technology Coordinator at Hickman County Schools. “Thanks to Spector 360, we have tightened both the work environment as well as the learning environment.”

Spector 360 records a PC user’s web sites visited, emails sent and received, chats and instant messages, keystrokes typed, files transferred, documents printed and applications run. In addition, through a first of its kind surveillance-like camera recording tool, Spector 360 shows in exact visual detail what a PC user does every step of the way.

Further, Spector 360 takes the recorded Internet and computer activities, feeds that information into a database, and provides more than 50 easy-to-read, built-in reports with unlimited customization potential to provide answers to questions most school and district Information Technology professionals have found hard – even impossible – to answer, such as:

  •     Which students are goofing off instead of doing their class work?
  •     Are students getting around filters to visit MySpace, Facebook, or to surf porn … and how are they doing it?
  •     Which students are eating up bandwidth by downloading music, videos, and games?
  •     Who is copying files to or from USB drives or peer-to-peer servers?
  •     Can the school or district save money by identifying costly, underused curriculum software?
  •     Are staff members using school computers for inappropriate activities and communications?
  •     Who is attempting to visit blocked web sites?
  •     Are students searching for the Internet for terms like ‘Proxy Server,’ ‘Suicide,’ or ‘Drugs’?

“I didn’t find anything close to SpectorSoft,” said Haviland, responsible for nearly 1,000 workstations at seven schools and a central office. “I looked at a couple of other programs and tested them … it was just a headache. Spector 360 fit everything we needed.”

“Spector 360 is a good investment. The use of Spector 360 has restored order.”

Learn more about Spector 360 here.

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