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Windows Server 2012

As an IT company, ctm IT Support need to be ahead of the curve. That’s why they upgraded to Server 2012 and saw big benefits.

General Manager Rupert Davey and his team design, install and support IT networks for small and medium sized businesses in the East of England. Specialising in Microsoft technologies they provide a complete, outsourced IT service including onsite and remote technical support, 24/7 system monitoring and supply the latest hardware and software.


As Investors in People, the company fosters a culture of continual improvement and strives to give employees the best support they need to work productively and efficiently. And that includes giving them the very best technology.

A lot of their work involves testing clients’ systems and giving them support, so it’s vital their own systems are more than just capable. And because sales rely on them demonstrating the very latest developments, they need to make sure their internal systems and website are ahead of the game.

Because the office is two-storey and the technical team are often onsite with clients, it was essential to find a solution that would enable employees to collaborate effectively while physically separated. Space was also a problem as the company’s physical servers took up a whole room. What’s more, because the servers used multiple software platforms, it meant updates took a lot longer than necessary.


Upgrading their technology wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity. Switching to Windows 2012 Server enabled Davey to get rid of their space-wasting physical servers and move onto a hybrid cloud. Even an IT company has concerns about upgrades as it often means staff need extra training – but with Microsoft, Davey knew it would take less than he thought to get immediate benefits with little need for training.


Changing to virtualisation took a lot less than they thought to make a big difference – it’s given the company a lot more server and a lot less hardware. And apart from saving space, it means there’s less to go wrong, less power needed and lower air-con costs. What’s more, it includes pre-installed data protection, and the consolidation of software means updating is now incredibly fast and easy, and because it’s all Microsoft, they only have one port of call for support.

Lync is one feature Davey says has transformed the working day – it’s vastly improved communication between the two office floors and screen sharing helps engineers consult with the office and get real-time technical advice while out on site. Rupert comments that:

“Lync makes it so easy for us to collaborate and share screens, data and opinions – even if staff are working off site. Engineers can consult with the office on technical issues get help from the office quickly and easily – which means a much better service for clients.”

Online invoicing is also a big bonus – it saves literally hours of time now there’s no need to print and send paper copies. And for Rupert, saving time is key. The less time spent on menial tasks like printing means more time spent on doing what they do best. Supporting customers.

General Manager Rupert Davey’s favourite feature is its utility approach to email, he says:

“Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1 is a killer feature for me – even my ‘Sent Items’ folder usually contains 74,000 + items, and the new search system makes finding what I want almost instant”

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