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Martin Harwar recently contacted TechSmith wishing to acquire Camtasia licences for his six-person company Point8020 in Warwickshire, UK. He wanted to establish Camtasia as the standard tool for his media production team. After giving his team access to Camtasia, Martin was kind enough to provide TechSmith a better look into the work Point8020 is doing:


TechSmith: Could you tell us a little about your job and its demands?

Martin: My business creates training videos using Camtasia that are directed towards the IT training market. We focus on creating how-to videos for business users. Often, business users struggle with understanding new software, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or even Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We use Camtasia to create training videos to solve these problems by showing users how to do hundreds of different tasks.

TechSmith: How did you first come across Camtasia?

Martin: I used to work as an associate for Microsoft and they happened to recommend using Camtasia for screen captures there–that’s where I came across it. That was a while back, probably about a good eight years ago. I’ve used it ever since.

TechSmith: What about Camtasia made you a loyal customer?

Martin: It does exactly what we need it to do. We obviously edit our videos quite heavily, we make them more engaging with animated opening sequences and closing sequences and it does that perfectly for us. The sound recording works great with our sound equipment, so that’s an added bonus. I just recently trained all my employees who hadn’t used it before. It only took about two to three days to bring everyone up to speed to where I was as a long-time user. It was a good experience training the team.

TechSmith: Did you get any feedback from the employees who underwent the training about its capabilities or the possibilities that they saw?

Martin: Yeah, they were pretty excited. They are actually better than me now. They have been experimenting with some of the special effects and the different types of transitions that TechSmith includes with Camtasia. They also came up with a set of production presets that they can reuse over and over again. They’ve really adapted to Camtasia quickly and are exploring the options with fervor. They’re recent college graduates, so they’re excited about what they can do and curious about the possibilities. They really do a great job with it. Check one out here!

TechSmith: Do you expect any changes in productivity now that everyone’s on the same page using Camtasia?

Martin: It’s really good; the productivity is amazing with Camtasia. They can literally produce hundreds of short videos a month. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using Camtasia for people doing the types of video we do because of the productivity.

TechSmith: For measuring return on investment, would you measure Camtasia’s help by time saved?

Martin: Yes! Time saved is exactly what I see as a great return on investment. From start to finish, my employees produce and polish videos very quickly. It makes them very productive and saves me time and money.


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