SmartBear: A New View On User Experience

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Written by Kendal Peiguss


Remember when you were willing to listen to the horrible static ringing of the dial-up tone, perfectly content to wait five minutes for Myst to load, and recieved email so infrequently that “You’ve Got Mail!” didn’t make your ears bleed?

The Internet has changed drastically over the past 10 years, and, much to the chagrin of many DevOps professionals, so have the expectations of its users. We expect fast. Companies constantly work to improve their Web performance to keep up with the need for speed.

But what if, instead of working harder to improve user experience, we worked smarter.

We need to start evaluating what it is that users expect to see when they load a Web page. Instead of solely measuring the speed of the entire page, focus on the most important pieces. What are the most important components of your Web page, and – if possible – shouldn’t you try to optimise those first?

New technology allows DevOps folks to measure and report on what the user actually sees at each point in the process. It’s like having your own pair of robot eyeballs to monitor your website.

This infographic explains how visual experience metrics are changing the way we measure Web speed. Enjoy!

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