A Powerful Tool to Gain a Competitive Edge: How Webcor uses Snagit

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Written by Matt Pierce


Often at times it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that software is for the software industry. With over 20 years of availability, it’s not surprising that Snagit has found it’s way into lots of industries and is being put to use in many different ways.

One company that is using Snagit with success is Webcor Builders. Webcor is an award-winning construction contractor. They do everything from help gain all the permits for a building, pre-construction, and construction, to offer warrant and building services on completed buildings. The projects) they work on are pretty impressive and if you live or have visited the Bay area, you might be familiar with them. Their projects include the San Francisco General Hospital, the Museum of Modern Arts, Oracle Headquarters, and many others.

Webcor shared with us some of their story and how Snagit has helped them to be one of the leading companies in their industry.

Vince Sarubbi, Chief Information Officer of Webcor Builders, says that “construction is hugely competitive, and we’re always looking for some way to be more competitive, bring more value to the project, completing the construction project faster, or with higher quality. You look for tools that can do that. Any tool you can find that you can say gives you one step up over the other guy that’s coming to the table on this.”Construction is a team sport. Carpenters, electricians, designers, and architects all need to work in concert. One way that Snagit is assisting Webcor, is that they can take a screenshot of drawings (blueprints) and send off questions to get answers. This clarity helps remove confusion and streamline the back and forth of communication. Sending screenshots of blueprints back and forth with annotated information isn’t earth shaking, but the fact that it can help reduce costly errors and delays in the building process is a big deal.

It’s not all building and construction projects though, even building websites, forms, and other digital materials can be accelerated. Vince uses Snagit to mock-up website changes for off-shore developers to gather electronic signatures. Despite time differences, he was able to accurately depict what he wanted, have them build the pages, and return a completed project in two days. And of of course, getting the communication clear and correct the first time means that Webcor can focus on it’s business and not spend unnecessary time tweaking and trying to get a form just right.

Webcor is just one example of how Snagit and TechSmith products are helping organizations of all types accelerate teamwork, reduce costs, and speed time to market.

Get Inspired

You can benefit from the power and ease of Snagit too. Below are 6 ways your organisation can start to utilise Snagit:

  • Use Snagit to make mock-ups of forms, webpages, or any digital document, which can then be used by designers or developers to create exactly what you want.
  • Record a “video voicemail” for a colleague, so they are never confused about what you are asking about or sharing with them. Eliminate unnecessary confusion and back and forth.
  • Capture digital information, add annotations, and send a link or the image in email to highlight key information visually.
  • Create a quick step by step guide to remind yourself of a not-often performed task (bonus points if you make yourself a video).
  • Capture tech support problems (or any digital problems, errors, or bugs) to give your support staff information that will help them solve the problem more quickly.
  • Record a “what’s changed” video. Talk your team through important updates in your project document with a video so everyone knows exactly what’s changed.

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