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Postgraduate student Dianne Bishop discovered the power of Bluebeam Revu’s search technology while working on her thesis. The Monash University student was reviewing 600 multi-page PDF files in search of important quotes and passages to include in her literature review. This time consuming task prompted Dianne to search for a software application that could speed up the process with electronic keyword search and review.


To maximize her time and improve efficiency, Dianne needed a solution allowing her to:

  • Quickly search through PDF pages for keywords.
  • Add markups and notes to PDFs.
  • Organise her comments in a list for easy access.

After reviewing several PDF editing applications, Dianne purchased Bluebeam Revu for its powerful search and markup capabilities.


Dianne was able to work more efficiently using Bluebeam Revu. Not only was she able to use Revu’s search capabilities to scan a document for keywords, Revu let her open multiple documents and search them simultaneously. Every time Dianne performed a search for a keyword or phrase, Revu displayed the results in a clickable list. This enabled Dianne to easily jump to the page with the searched term, review that section and apply markups and notes as needed.

Revu’s search results include check boxes that Dianne used to select desired results and batch apply text markups such as highlights, underlines and hyperlinks. Revu includes a markups list that tracks all markups applied to PDF pages. After reviewing all 600 documents for her literature review, Dianne used the markups list to quickly locate comments and highlighted passages to include in her thesis.

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