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Gateway Technical College is dedicated to providing its Professional Communications students with leading-edge tools that contribute to a superior learning experience, enriching their skills and positioning them for successful careers. As part of this commitment, the school is updating its “Online Help” course and using MadCap Flare to familiarize students with approaches for designing and developing modern online technical documentation.

Gateway plans to leverage MadCap Flare’s features for topic-based authoring, single-source content development, and multi-channel publishing to advance its students’ technical communication best practices. Additionally, the college plans to incorporate Flare into future course structures, including its “Writing Software Documentation” and “Information Design” courses, to help students streamline project planning and management, create different types of communication products, and publish products in print and electronic channels.

We are excited to work with MadCap Software in giving Gateway students an opportunity to use MadCap Flare in applying the online communications concepts they learn in class,” said Rick Barribeau, Gateway Technical College Professional Communications instructor. “Not only will Flare’s functionality for content development and publishing boost learning, our students will also gain valuable experience using the same software that technical communicators use in the workplace today.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Gateway Technical College in empowering students to apply modern technical authoring and publishing best practices using our MadCap Flare software,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO. “Through our MadCap Scholar Program, we offer students the tools that will help enhance their skill sets and better position them in the workforce. Our partnership with Gateway reflects a mutual dedication to preparing students for the real-world communications needs of businesses today.”

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