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At a Glance

Gratte Brothers Group Limited is one of the UK’s leading independent building services companies providing from a single source a comprehensive range of services for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems, mechanical systems, electronic security systems, and  commercial catering facilities.

Based in central London, the Group employs over 600 personnel and specializes in providing turnkey engineering solutions to a wide range of sectors including commercial, banking, transport, and pharmaceutical.

Their Challenge

With over 60 years’ experience, the Company has a successful record in effective project delivery for a range of longstanding national and global corporate clients.
The end users of Gratte Brothers work with PDF files on a daily basis, whether its designs, status reports, or contracts. The primary goal of Mike Mahoney, the Group IT Manager, was to find an affordable product that could be rolled out to a broader portion of his team whether they were on-site, in the office, or out on the road.

Unfortunately, the solution wasn’t as simple as expanding their current deployment of Adobe® Acrobat®, since the majority of Site Engineers, Project Managers, and Document Controllers already using the program didn’t apply the bulk of Acrobat’s specialized features nearly enough to justify the cost.

How Did Nitro Help?

One of the primary issues Mahoney had to deal with was that their deployment of Acrobat was exclusive to employees that needed a specialised feature set, so users needing simpler functionality were simply left with no PDF solution at all.

After switching to Nitro, Mahoney was able to outfit the broader team with PDF and consequently streamline one of the workflows that had caused headaches for his team and the information workers: document conversion. When someone had a PDF file that needed to be converted into another format, they would have to email it to the IT Department, who would then have to find time to convert it using another service before then sending it back.

“[Since deploying Nitro] IT Department time  has seen huge savings as it is now rare that we are asked to convert documents for our users,” Mahoney said. “It follows that a user’s time and karma is also saved as they are no longer caught up in frustrating queues and have greater  control of their own destiny.”
Aside from the hassles that came with document  conversion, another main issue that Gratte Brothers employees came up against was the sending and receiving of large documents. The majority of their files were understandably large, as they were heavy with designs, blueprints, and even multi-page contracts. A lack of proper tools left these users to look for inefficient, unreliable alternatives.

“They are always surprised when they try  zipping their PDFs and find the overall size is pretty much the same,” said Mahoney. “You should see the excitement on their little faces when we show them the compression options and resultant size reductions available within Nitro!”

The Gratte Brothers Group has been able to overhaul most of its digital document and PDF workflows that had plagued them for years  simply by implementing Nitro to a wider portion of its team. End users can work  quickly and independently no matter where they’re located and the IT Department no longer has to deal with Adobe compliance or help desk calls for document conversion.

“Because cost per seat is significantly lower, we are able to deploy this useful tool to a much  larger cross-section of users, saving time and  resources,” said Mahoney. This ability to equip their team with Nitro has infused the Gratte Brothers Group with more agility and innovation, allowing their personnel to work smarter and faster than their competition.

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