CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Review

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Written by Lance Carr, DIY Video Editor

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CyberLink PowerDirector has been my top choice for editing software for many years now and with this new release nothing has changed in that regard.

Everything you could possibly want in a video editing suite (and probably a bunch of stuff you never thought of) is available in PowerDirector and I find it hard to imagine anything they have left out.

It is pointless to go on about the actual editing capabilities of the software because the program does it all and does it all very, very well.

It cuts, slices, dices and chops with ease and eats up the modern highly compressed video files effortlessly because behind the pretty face lies an editing and rendering engine with serious credentials.

In fact about four years after shooting to the lead in the speed stakes it still comfortably occupies first place.

These days however, no-one is expecting a video editor to just edit videos!

PowerDirector is a complete and self contained end-to-end multimedia solution that would serve anyone perfectly now and well into the future.


In my opinion CyberLink PowerDirector 14 is clearly as good as it gets as far as consumer level video editing software goes at this point in time.

In fact to call it “consumer level” is too wildly understate the program’s capabilities.

It’s not just good because it has “a bunch of cool stuff” in it. It is good because CyberLink continue to try really hard to make it that way.

They very clearly seem to follow a development philosophy of how to make the software better from the user’s point of view rather than from a sales point of view which results in each version being better than the last.

If you are looking for a fully loaded video editor with everything you need to create your video projects from the very basic through to a special effects masterpiece you would be well served by this program now and well into the future.


Click here to learn more about PowerDirector 14.

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