Macrium Reflect is a product which is striking and powerful in a tangible way!

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Written by Garo Mangoyan, IT Infrastructure Manager, QBS Software

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What if:

  • Your DR platform software, had 3% of the disk footprint other vendors currently have?
  • You could use it straight after installation, without restarting your servers?
  • You could instantly browse the imaged disk contents via Windows Explorer and restore daily use files faster than you could say “restore”?
  • It offered equal or better compression to other solutions?
  • It backed up, faster than competing solutions on all types of backup?
  • You could boot, yes, boot, the backup image, as a Hyper-V Virtual Machine with no conversion?

Macrium Reflect is a product which, for all the aforementioned reasons is striking and powerful in a tangible way! There are features which Macrium advertises and which are impressive by all standards, such as “SSD Trim support”, “Rapid Delta Clone”, “GFS with backup chain protection” and many more.

Leaving fancy marketing-terms aside, the fact that behind those words hides an amazingly intelligent piece of software, becomes evident upon first use. I was faced with a scenario whereby there was imminent data corruption due to a failed hard drive on a physical, non-virtualised server. For various reasons, I decided to virtualise the SQL server which ran on that paralysed hardware. What more brutal way, to put Macrium Reflect to the test?

Own case study

I clicked on “download” and before I got off my chair to make some coffee, preparing for a long night of Disaster Recovery, I had to sit down again. A 46 MB download? That took less than a minute to download? Couldn’t help to wonder if I downloaded a web-installer rather than the product itself. I installed it in 30 seconds and was presented with my options. Opting for a Full server backup, the latter completed successfully 20% faster than the daily Differential backup I had running on the same machine, using a different vendor’s solution. Another head-turner. The generated image had 25% more compression. Within 10 minutes I was able to actually boot the image backup (albeit the feature being at a Technology Preview stage) and temporarily run my SQL server as a Hyper-V machine. In the meantime, making a copy of the image backup file, I converted the image to a proper Virtual Machine (VHD format) successfully. The VM booted. Job done. Could I be happier?

The outcome

This is one of the truly few products that I installed in trial mode and never uninstalled again from any of my servers. I purchased my keys, installed Reflect Plus throughout my server estate, covering my MS SQL, MS Exchange and all servers.

The fully functional 30 day trial will convince you of the above. We would be more than happy to discuss your needs and Macrium Reflect’s features with you, as we would be to assist you in your trialling process.


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