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Not every business enjoys high-speed Internet. Throughout the world, successful companies – urban as well as rural – struggle with speeds that hold them back. That’s how it was for Rutland Cycling, a fast-growing retail business with six outlets, most of which are sited at the heart of the UK’s outdoor-adventure hot-spots.

"There was nothing we could do about our broadband speed," says Steve Bailey, IT Manager at Rutland Cycling. "What we needed was something to help us manage our use of it."
Prioritizing Internet traffic for maximum business benefit

Steve turned for help to Howard Lynn of Cloud Intellect. One of the options Howard put forward was Kerio Control, an easy-to-use tool for managing online connectivity – for keeping threats out while prioritizing and monitoring network traffic. Howard thought it would be ideal for Rutland Cycling because it’s PCI-compliant and offers numerous reporting options.

"Kerio lets us manage our Internet use for maximum business benefit," says Steve. "We can prioritize tasks for certain times of the day, control what people use their devices for, and eliminate any wasteful use of our limited Internet resources. It’s given us the ability to run an award-winning online business within our available bandwidth."
Easy to install, configure, and use

The benefits of Kerio Control came bit by bit as Steve learned more about Rutland Cycling’s use of the Internet: how much traffic passed between his outlets, when to time staff use and order processing to avoid peak periods, which devices should have Internet restrictions placed on them. The better he understood the business, the more sophisticated his management became. Even now, two-and-half years after installation, Steve can still achieve better performance by fine-tuning Internet use to reflect changing business patterns.

"Kerio Control is easy to install, configure, and use – and straightforward to operate," says Steve. "There’s plenty of support too. Although we didn’t need any help with installation and configuration, it was great to know that Howard and Cloud Intellect were there if we needed them, and that we could dip into the Kerio knowledge base and videos at any time."
Plenty of functionality for a smaller investment

Steve is also impressed by the economics of Kerio Control: "This is a highly cost-effective product that’s easy to administer and gives us a huge amount of functionality. From day one we found that it had everything we needed. Another big advantage was that we didn’t have to invest in new equipment: Kerio Control ran perfectly well on our existing hardware."

The success of Kerio Control convinced Rutland Cycling to adopt other Kerio products. The company now manages its email with Kerio Connect and is currently trialing Kerio Operator.

Kerio has done much more than solve Rutland Cycling’s bandwidth problems, it’s helping this fast growing business become much more efficient and much better connected.

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