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Yoku Cloud Hosting offers services ranging from cloud server and application hosting, to private clouds and hosted solutions development.

Yoku provides an on-demand virtualized environment, allowing for rapid virtual server deployments at a lower cost than traditional dedicated hardware solutions.

As a part of its service, Yoku offers access for its customers to their enterprise Hyper-V environment with secure Virtual Private Servers (VPS), allowing users to have their own private instance of Windows or Linux that can be fully managed and accessed anytime using Remote Desktop or SSH.

Yoku was looking for a reliable and effective security solution that would provide the customer VPS servers with the required level of protection.

“At that time we were looking for a security solution that could offer a secure and compliant cloud network to our clients with critical applications and sensitive data,” said Rob Conley, Partner and CTO at Yoku Cloud Hosting. “However in the highly competitive solution provider market it was crucial that the virtual server hosting platform came at competitive price for our clients.”

For the security component of its recommended enterprise solution, Yoku chose 5nine Cloud Security.


Yoku Cloud Hosting has been using 5nine Cloud Security to protect their VPS servers since 2013. 5nine Cloud Security provides the first and only agentless approach that delivers the security required for protection and compliance, and is the only solution built specifically to support Microsoft’s cloud and virtualization platform.

“Yoku’s clients can now manage risk, improve protection and ensure compliance within their organization,” Conley said. “Using 5nine we can create effective and on-demand protection customizable for each client with agentless firewall, intrusion detection, and antivirus configured within a private virtual LAN.”

With the 5nine solution, Yoku Hosting is able to protect their customers’ Hyper-V environments with fast, agentless antivirus with real-time antimalware detection. 5nine Cloud Security provides multi-layered protection with integrated firewall, antivirus and intrusion detection in one package. An agentless firewall provides complete traffic control and isolation between virtual machines (VMs), and agentless antivirus performs incremental scans up to 70 times faster than competitors.

Conley also appreciates that the solution provides intrusion detection capabilities that allow proactive detection of hundreds of types of advanced attacks.

“5nine Cloud Security allows us to provide our enterprise clients a secure and reliable cloud server hosting platform,” Conley said. “Clients can sleep at night knowing their servers are protected with intrusion detection, firewall and antivirus and will pass any compliance testing scans.”

The centralized management console in 5nine Cloud Security delivers simple administration of policies, rules, filters and logs. It eliminates the need for Yoku’s IT team to manage and update thousands of agents and signature databases on every VM like other security solutions require, which saves times and reduces risk for the IT department.

“5nine Cloud Security allows us to deliver innovative, practical and easy-to-use solutions to help IT professionals more effectively plan, create and manage their virtual infrastructure.”

5nine Cloud Security now supports Azure Pack (WAP) with the new 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension. As the only security solution for Azure Pack, it allows hosting providers to guarantee higher levels of business continuity and reliability for their customers by offering Security as a Service (SECaaS). Hosting providers can now deliver more value-added services, increasing both customer satisfaction and revenue.


Provides control over customers’ security and compliance requirements: The intelligent management console in 5nine Cloud Security provides centralized management and control for security and compliance. The powerful, agentless architecture virtually eliminates IT administration while full auditing capabilities are optimized for easy compliance and reporting.

Automatically and immediately protects all virtual machines, disks and networks: 5nine Cloud Security provides a unique agentless antivirus technology for Hyper-V that saves CPU resources and increases VM density by up to 30%. As a result, it leads to a reduction of capital expenditure on physical infrastructure.

Increases security by hiding it from users and centralizing management: With 5nine Cloud Security, Yoku Cloud can rest assured that multiple tenants on the same host have access to all required resources, all while being absolutely isolated and protected from each other.

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