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Loudpixel is a small business that helps companies make sense out of what’s being said about them online. Their core business is based around monitoring social conversations for issues or opportunities and drawing actionable insights based around conversation trends.

To communicate with clients all around the country, Loudpixel uses Camtasia for Mac to explain concepts difficult to convey remotely.

Connecting with team members worldwide

Loudpixel has three founding partners (two in East Lansing, Michigan and one in Palo Alto, California). They also have analysts who are located around the world. One lives in Chicago, one just moved from East Lansing to Senegal, Africa, and others work freelance from home. “When we find good people, we don’t want to let them go,” said Allie Siarto, Co-Founder and Director of Analytics at Loudpixel. “We can make it work from anywhere, as long as there’s a solid Internet connection. Since we’re so spread out, we have to get creative about how we communicate with each other.”

“When we decided to move the business from Chicago to Michigan, we knew we would have to work a little harder on client communications, since we no longer have the option of going a mile down the street to meet with clients and talk them through concepts in person,” Allie said. “We deal with complex concepts that require a fair amount of explanation and visual communication.”

Connecting the dots with Camtasia

Loudpixel uses Camtasia for Mac to create screencasts for internal communication as a team and external communication via their website and with clients.

“We work with some fairly complicated software, and often it’s much easier to walk our clients through specific questions visually rather than try to explain with words alone,”

“Since we all run busy schedules and work in different time zones, we’ve been able to create quick videos in a matter of minutes to walk clients through step-by-step directions rather than having to set up a conference call or webinar. It’s definitely a time-saver.”

“We’re also in the testing stage for a huge upgrade to our software. Since our lead developer is in Palo Alto, we’ve used Camtasia to walk him through areas in the software where we find bugs or have trouble. That way, he has the reference later when he goes to make the fixes.”

Great looking videos in little time

As a small business owner, time is always crunched. However, Allie has found that she’s able to create professional quality videos quickly.

“For my quick client videos, I’ll spend less than five minutes. For more formal training videos, I might put 45 minutes to an hour or more into a polished three minute video.”

“I love that I can export my videos to with a few clicks and share them with clients within a matter of minutes. Our company works in a fast-paced industry–we’re always looking for quick and easy way to communicate, so we appreciate that there aren’t a lot of barriers to entry. Camtasia is easy to use–no steep learning curve–and it allows us to get our point across quickly and clearly.”

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